Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution with a partner

When you disagree, litigation is not your only course of action, and sometimes it is not the best.  There are many other solutions, and we can walk you through all of them. There are multiple ways of dispute resolution, and you will need knowledgeable, trustworthy advise throughout.


When the time and costs involved in full litigation is prohibitive, arbitration may be your best form of recourse.  The arbitration process involves the appointment of multiple arbitrators, a short period of evidence discovery, and a few hearings where the arbitrators can hear your case and get the information they need to make a decision. At Mohamed Ali AlWatani & Associates, we offer our services as arbitrators, and are fully certified by the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution to act as arbitrators in your civil and commercial disputes, and listed as an arbitrators and experts with the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre.


When two parties are having trouble communicating, mediation may be an appropriate option. Our attorneys are trained in conflict resolution, and can provide an objective opinion about the case. We listen to each party, and can impartially evaluate each point of view in light of the law.

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Commercial law advisory
Commercial Law Advisory

In the fast paced and dynamic world of business, you need a sound footing to ensure success, we can provide you with the confidence to move ahead with your business.

Our lawyers have expertise in advisory on a range of commercial arrangements that your business may encounter day to day. Our services range from reviewing standard contracts to drafting and assisting with the negotiation of more complex commercial arrangements, in light of the nature of your business and outlining the commercial and legal risks you may face.

Our services include:

■ Legal due diligence
■ Local legal opinions
■ Contract review & negotiation
■ Corporate legal structure advisory

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