Mohamed Ali AlWatani & Associates was established in 1987 by the Managing Partner Mr. Mohamed AlWatani. The firm consists of several attorneys, consultants and associates, providing a range of personalised legal and consulting services for both corporate and individual clients in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We have covered thousands of cases that span the spectrum of legal issues, delivering positive results to our clients. As a Bahraini firm, we are able to represent our clients in all the courts of the Kingdom, including Civil, Criminal and Islamic Family courts, providing our clients with the most comprehensive service possible.  Our firm has represented various corporate clients, including Al Fanar Holdings, Gulf Market International, Al Hilal Group, Royal Golf Club, Delta Industrial Suppliers, Fareed Al Moayed, Marj Al Zuhoor, Ahmed Zayani Co., Al Yousif Group, Al Faraj Group and numerous others.

About Mohamed Ali AlWatani

Mohamed Ali AlWatani is a well-respected lawyer in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with nearly 30 years of experience as an attorney and legal consultant, and the senior partner of Mohamed AlWatani & Associates.

As a lawyer, Mr AlWatani has extensive experience in various areas of legal services, ranging from the drafting of agreements to supervision of company incorporation, provision of legal consultancy and advice, legalisation and notarisation and arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Mr Mohamed is an attorney and legal consultant recognised by the Kingdom of Bahrain, giving him the powers to perform litigation services before the courts of the Kingdom of Bahrain, including civil, criminal and Islamic family courts.